Utah Crossing, Inc.


The proposed Utah Lake Crossing is to be a completely private venture, and be paid for through traffic toll. The need to unite the East and West sides of Utah County is an economic necessity. The UDOT budget demands preclude the state from including the crossing in its immediate and short range planning because current projects have UDOT spent out to and beyond the year 2030.

Additionally the crossing would serve as a much needed emergency travel access from one side of the lake to the other. It currently takes Questar Gas in excess of two hours, after getting mobilized, to get to the west side of Utah Lake, because of current traffic congestion. (The congestion has no immediate solution.)

LOCATION: The East-West route beginning at Vineyard Lake Road across on a south west direction to Saratoga Springs City just north of Pelican Point.

LENGTH: Just less than 6 miles from shore line to shore line.

DESIGN: Steel pylons will bridge out over Utah Lake every 150 ft or so to create an elevated six lane vehicle traffic highway with emergency lanes when both phases are completed.  The Crossing will also provide for utility easement for services access.

ENGINEERING: To be completed and final design once all drilling, geo-tech, and all other “water crossing” and environmental concerns are addressed and resolved.

AGENCIES: The agencies involved with this venture.

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: Corps of Engineers, Fish & Game, and Water Fowl.

STATE OF UTAH: Department of Natural Resources, Forest, Fire and State Lands, UDOT, Transportation Commission, State Fish and Game and various others.

UTAH COUNTY: Public Works and County Commission.

UTAH CITIES: Saratoga Springs, Vineyard, Lehi, Orem, Lindon, Pleasant Grove, Provo

NEED & ADVANTAGES: For the cost of a gallon of gas, a driver will be able to save a significant amount of time and distance traveled by using the bridge.  It is not hard to figure the time and economic savings one would save by taking advantage of the proposed project.

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